aquilo partners exclusively with our network of proven and trusted development companies around the globe. Our US-based team will match the needs of any given project with the development team best suited to the task.


aquilo has a Northeast U.S. sales force and referral network in Boston, Massachusetts. Surrounded by some of the world’s finest educational institutions that spawn revolutionary companies on a daily basis, aquilo has access to interesting, innovative, and rapidly-growing projects in Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, and consumer-facing applications.

aquilo handles the prospecting, nurtures the opportunity and intelligently prepares the project for your proposal. Our technology experts perform discovery directly with prospects to identify their business and functional requirements, develop an initial architecture, and generate a smart RFP package ready for efficient cost and budget proposals.


aquilo provides local, product & project management to serve as a communication hub between the client and developer partner. Having a familiar local resource in the loop makes projects go more smoothly, improves communication, and results in higher quality, timely deliverables. With local management, the project is less stressful for the developer and creates higher levels of confidence for the client.

aquilo uses best-in-class Project Management tools and processes to keep projects on time and on budget.


In addition to resources, aquilo has built a playbook to help our development partners deliver the best possible service. aquilo will work with each development company to work to these best practices for:

  • Gathering Project Requirements
  • Scoping & Estimating
  • Project Tracking
  • Workforce Development (including a boot camp for junior software developers). Aquilo’s
    standardized curriculum includes best practices in the following areas:

    • Adhering to clean code with proper documentation
    • Source code control
    • QA, Including Automated testing, integrated unit testing, regression testing
    • Continuous deployment
    • Integral Cybersecurity

With aquilo’s global perspective and access to the highly innovative Northeast market, we are in a unique position to anticipate where the next wave of technology is heading. With this insight, aquilo can signal to our partners where their training should be focused and in many cases, will develop this training curriculum for our developer partners.

aquilo has a system to guide employee goal setting and career development. Often overlooked, this program allows employees to have a say in their Career Development, which creates a motivated engaged employee and higher quality deliverables. A properly implemented program speeds time to productivity for younger developers and reduces turnover; especially at the potential middle management level where employees who leave create a significant loss of productivity and institutional knowledge.

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